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Magdalena Cid Fernández

Magdalena photoI am interested in:

Design, synthesis and characterization of shape-persistent chiral macrocycles and study of their potential properties as synthetic receptors of small molecules involved in biological processes (acetyl choline, pyrophosphate, DNA-based heterocyles, etc.). Usage of the circular dichroism signals and NMR spectra (scalar and dipolar coupling constants) for total elucidation of their structures.

Synthesis of 13C-labelled biological relevant molecules (vitamin E, vitamin K, tyroxine, etc.), and study of their interaction with the corresponding binding proteins by means of circular dichroism and NMR techniques, among others. Description of the role they play in the biological processes in which they get involved.

Contact Information

Dra. Magdalena Cid Fernández

Associate Professor,
Depto. Química Orgánica.
Universidade de Vigo
Facultade de Química
Lagoas-Marcosende, 36310,
Vigo (Spain)
phone: (+34)986813563
e-mail: mcid@uvigo.es